"I'm happy when Ranbir is happy with Alia"


The Bollywood star Ranbir-Alia loves the open secret. Now I'm waiting for the seven to stop. How do they watch the Ranbir family?

Riddhiima Kapoor Sahani, sister of Rishi Kapoor, son of Ranbira, who opened the face of Ranbir and Alia.

When Sahani was asked about the relationship between the Hindustan Times and Ranbir-Ali, he said, "Yes, it can happen, what can I say about it?" Ask your brother (Ranbir), I am happy for my brother's happiness because I am very happy as a sister. "

In context, Riddimma Kapoor's words indicate that he has no objection to his brother Ranbira. But the relationship between Ranbir and Riddimima Kapoor is very close to everyone, it is known to almost everyone. Even after hearing Alia, Riddimma Kapoor greeted her in the Kapoor family. He sent his own Alia bracelet. In this context, the jewelry designer in the profession of Riddimma Kapoor Sahani.

In the past, Rishi Kapoor publicly said that Ranbir likes Alia and who is opposed to Nituu? Even Rishi Kapoor soon advised Ranbir.

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