Friday , July 30 2021

Mahmudullah & # 39; s Century of Record –

In the fourth rounds of the match with Mirpur, Mahmudullah won a great hundred. Denunciation
It has been waiting for him for a long time. The previous test age was in February 2010,
Hamilton against New Zealand in Hamilton This was his fifth test. They played more inside
35 tests. Record the longest of every hit in Bangladesh for two centuries
It is

Earlier, Mohammad Ashraful & # 39; s After a century in a test debut in September 2001
Ashraful created the second century in December 2004. 22 Test matches
Imrul Kayes played 16 test matches after the last century in a batting order.

The world record of Adam Parora from the longest time in the test centuries of 78 tests
The former New York wicketkeeper made two centuries in his career. Two centuries
57 Test games South Africa Mark Boucher for two centuries in another wicketkeeper
The spacing ranged from 50 to 50 tests.

The team deserved to have it a long time ago. The team could wait for the last border.
There were doubts whether to take this opportunity to get a significant result in subsequent rounds
Quite Fifty was not in 10 rounds. With 36 runs in the first rounds of this test
It was a difficult one shot. Who knows these rounds were probably the last chance!

The challenge too
It was quite difficult. After capturing 218 runs in the first rounds, do not follow your opponent.
The goal of Zimbabwe was to crush the ball with a quick throw on the ball. But then
The team lost four wicket gates for 25 runs in the morning. From there the team continued
Mahmudullah Many centuries before the tea break, when the two touched centuries, the band also touched
I arrived at a secure address.

Holding fast and taking fast runs, both claims were resolved by the batsman
Mahmudullah Niepokonany 101 scored only 122 balls.

Shakib Al Hasan returned against West India in the Mahmudullah and Captain series
Do not stay. But the Mahmudullah fragment test will last at least a few days,
This confirms this age.

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