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Now shooting without a director!

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Entertainment Correspondent: Recently, many movies are not made in the film. This is especially evident when shooting or shooting to dance. Discussion on this topic in social media

Regarding this, the director Shahin Sumon said: "From the beginning of the movie to the end of the magazine, the director's responsibility is entirely. If the manager is good, the director is bad, but the director. The shot can not be made without a director. Is it shooting for a fight or dancing. This is part of the movie "

He said: "This would not happen before. Listening from last year, there is no director in shooting the song. Of course there can be many reasons. For example, many shooting costs outside the country. If there are fewer people, the cost will be reduced. It may be possible to release the picture in a shorter time and during the Eid. You can see that the director of post-production production after completing the movie sequence, when shooting the song is out of the country, can not go.

World-renowned dance director Masum Babul said: "I have not heard that Karan Johar or Sanjay Leela Bansali were absent while shooting on any day. We did not take any photos except Badiul Alam Khokon in Bangladesh. Hey dance drama is part of the movie. When I'm shooting a movie song, dance like me. I like cameras that I like. But that's just the director's desire. Whoever uses the song in the story, can tell the place if makeup is okay. For this reason, the director has to shoot a photo song.

Masum Babul said that the song is lost in the picture, he said: "Hafiz Uddin shot a song for the movie. I do not remember the name of the photo. I did not want to go to editing. After this I realized that the story of the film was not in my mind. Then there was no such error, the story of the story, the next sequence before the song, after hearing it, I understand that they are doing different things talking to the director. And if you were shooting a song without a director, it would seem that there was a music video in the picture. "

Business Hour / 16 May 2015 / RI

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