Prime Minister's love for his younger sister


Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the newly built, modern museum of Toskhana. The prime minister inaugurated this museum at the neighboring Bangabandhu Military Museum in the capital on Thursday. At the inauguration ceremony of the museum, her younger sister Sheikh Rehana was present with the prime minister.

At the end of the inauguration, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina loved her younger sister Rehan before the portrait of Bangabandhu the Holy Father, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman in the middle of the museum.

Prime Minister reminded Bangabandhu's father, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman on Thursday, Father of the Nation of Bangabandh. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman not only went through our independence, he gave us a unique country.

He honored us as a nation. This dignity should protect us. We must build this country. Creation without hunger, a poverty-free country of gold. We're working on this goal.

Besides, I will be observing the Golden Jubilee of Bangladesh independence in 2021, he said.

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