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Rakhi rooted out! Video of a sensational viral incident in a provocative dance

Rakhi Sawant

Rakhi Sawant has already grabbed the news headline about the accusations of actress Tonyushree Datta. In the meantime, this "heroine" from Bollywood came up with a message about another viral film.

Rakhari Sawant, popularly called the "queen of drama" from Bollywood, goes to the Wrestling Ground and announces the news! Recently, Rakhi was present in the wrestling competition at Panchkula Devi Lal stadium. There the wrestler went in front of the woman and challenged him.

Rakhi claimed that he also wanted to fight there. Big empty was responsible for competition. Meanwhile, Rakhi agreed to the offer of this competitor. Then in the rakhi ring is seen in the waist. The actress wanted to make the opponent dance in opposition! But immediately opponent rakhi karate!

This strange movie from the incident is spreading and circling. Video becomes viral in social media Meanwhile, he has been experiencing pain since the rickshaw broke out of the ring.

Wrestler throws Rakhi Sawant on the Wrestling Ring floor

The latest news – female wrestler beats #RakhiSawant in the wrestling show, Sad news for fans Rakhi Sawant, because she is injured and admitted to the hospital.

Posted by FilmCurry on Sunday, 11 November 2018

He was taken to a local hospital. The actress was hurt at the back, news

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