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Rashid turns around aimlessly Afghanistan –

Afridi scored 147 runs for the third time, finishing on 29 routes for 1. Andy McBrien returned to Mohammed Shahzad, who scored two series in the 34th match with the warning. Rahmat Shah spent the rest of the day with Ihsanullah. Afghans still want to win 118 runs

Paul E. Starling, who lost to the Irish referee early in the day, began playing at the Rajiva Gandhi international cricket stadium in Dehra Dun, with 22 runs from 1 to 1 on Sunday. Yamin Ahmadiyya's ball hit the ball but was returned from LBW.

Andy Balmerny was on the side of 104-strong cooperation with James McCullum. Ireland's resilience to breaking the left-hand swivel Waqar Salamkheel was broken when he was beaten. Balarani returned to score 81 points from 149 balls with 11 fours.

Rashid was caught by LBW at McLaugh with 39 runs of five fours. Two bowlers of two bowlers who were eliminated in 20 losers lost four goals in the series.

The team lost six goals for 157 runs with a blink of George & # 39; and Dockrell & # 39; and Kevin O & # 39; Brien. They added 63 series to the seventh gate. Dashreel broke off with LBW Rashid. This spinner for the legs returned to LBW by O & # 39; Brien in the next game after winning 56 runs from 78 balls in seven balls. He took five goals for the first time in the test, after leaving McBrien, Rashid.

As in the case of the first rounds, the main reason was the tenth couple of resistance in Ireland. For the second time in the test, fifty odd pairs were added. James Cameron-Dow was with Tim Martagh. He was invincible in 32 series. Ahmadazai will return to Ireland with 288 runs in four fours.

Rashid took five goals for 82 runs. Ahmadajai took 3 gates and 52 runs.

Short result:

Ireland 1. innings: 172

Afghanistan 1st round: 314

Ireland 2 innings: (22/1 at the end of the first day) 288 in 93 overs (Sterling 14, Balearny 82, McCullum 39, O & # 39; Brien 56, Index 1, Thompson 1, Dockrell 25, McBrien 4, Cameron-Dow 32 *, Martagh 27; Ahmedzai 3/52, Nabi 0/58, Rashid 5/82, Salamkheli 2/66, Wafaara 0-24)

Afghanistan 2 innings: (goal 147) 29/1 in 16 overs (Shahzad 2, Ihsanullah 16 *, Rahmat 11 *, Dockrell 0/18, McBrien 1/8, Carromon-Dow 0/3)

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