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Secrets surrounding the hijackers … – 702133 | Kaler Kantho

Five days before the murder, businessman Suman Khan of Dewanganj Upazil of Jamalpur of Old Dhaka was abducted. Then he was taken to Tonga. After stitching, two hands and face were bound with a towel, and the body was thrown into a lonely place in the Naggar area of ​​Demra Road in Khilgaon. The police confirmed that such information was a preliminary investigation. However, the identity of the hijackers could not be confirmed yet. Relatives of the victims and investigators suspect that Sumon was killed after he was kidnapped for "administration money". Because of this suspicion, he has no information about the opponent, police or relatives. However, the police could not identify the murderers until Saturday.

Assistant Commissioner from Dhaka Metropolitan Police Khilgaon Zone (AC) Nadia Actor Jui told Kaler Kanth that he has no idea even in the last seven days after the kidnapping. The body was thrown out of the bush and killed somewhere else. There is no such thing as human movement in this area. Cars also have less. Initial investigations gain in importance as a result of disputes over commercial disputes or financial transactions that can be killed. But there may be other reasons for this incident. He said the merchant Sumon Khan had no enemies. He was innocent. Everyone in the area knows him as a great businessman. The police confirmed that he was murdered in Dhaka on business days.

Investigations revealed that Sumon came to Islampur in Old Dhaka to make wholesale purchases on Monday. From there, he was abducted on the way to his brother's home in Badamtala. Then it is uncertain where exactly he was killed. However, Sumon's wife, Parul Akhter, told the police that he had arrived in the Tonga area. Then his phone was closed. Sumon is believed to have been taken to Tonga for police. Due to the murder of two hands and eyes, police officers can be killed after being abducted.

According to family sources, Sumon is the son of Abdul Khal Khan from Dewanganj Bazar. Dewanganj Bazar "Sumon Kantarshala" has its own clothing and textile industry. Conversation with family yesterday evening around 1 o'clock Tuesday after arriving in Dhaka to buy clothes. He said he is in Tonga. Since then, his mobile phone has been closed. When family members suspected that his father, Abdul Khalek Khan, made a general diary (GD) in Dewanganj Than.

The neighbor's friend Sumon Khan, Manjurul Haque Babu, told Kaler Kanth that some of Sumon's relatives, including the picture of an unidentified person in Khilgaon in Dhaka, on Friday evening, saw the post of a dead body with pictures of an unknown person. To find out whether the body was found by Sumon Khan, they contacted the 999 telephone number from Dewanganj and immediately received the telephone number of the Khilgaon police station in Dhaka. Later, when he was called to the Khilgaon police station, he sent a picture of a deceased person, a pair of clothes and a bracelet from his hand, and sent some photos to the emo id from the police station. It is also said that the body was stored in the morgue hospital of Dhaka Medical College. Seeing these pictures, they confirmed Sumon Khan's body.

Brother Sumon Khan, Shyamol and Pintu, were killed in the afternoon at the Dhaka College medical hospital and identified the body. After an autopsy, around 4:00 pm he went to Jamalpur with the dead body of Sumon Khan, two funeral brothers. Relatives of the dead thought that the villains had kidnapped and killed him. Police inspector Dewanganj (SI) Mamtaz Uddin said: "We tried to find Sumon Khan's father's daily diary and tried to find him, but on Friday evening his family members said that Sumon's body was found in Khilgaon Thana, the family members of the deceased said they would file a case .

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