Steam burned in the case of a "gas cylinder" in Mohammadpur


Department of Burns and Plastic Surgery at Dhaka Medical College Hospital. Images of files

Husband and wife were burnt in an accident with a gas bottle in the capital of Mohammadpur.

Today, on Tuesday, around 5 am, there was an accident at number 66 Road number 13 in the Nabinagar apartment.

The burns are Saiful Islam Rubel (26) and Sajna Begum (18). Both are treated at the Department of Burns and Plastic Surgery at Dhaka Medical College Hospital (DMCH).

Rubel's brother Ekhlas said: Rubel and Sasanna were rented on the ground floor. Fire exploded in their home when they slept early in the morning. Both of them were seriously burned. The gas cylinder caused a fire.

Saanjana Jahan Shahnaz Begum said that they were in a room next to a couple. Early in the morning, after seeing the arrangement cries, they found a fire in the house. Rubel and Sajna were recovered after breaking the door.

A week ago, new gas stoves and cylinders were bought in their home, Shahnaz said. He was kept on the veranda next to the house. A mosquito was near the flame last night. Their idea is that the fire can spread to the cylinder from the cylinder and the fire can spread.

According to doctors, Deputy Inspector of the Police Camp at Dhaka Medical College, Bachchu Mia said that 97 percent of Rubel's body and 75 percent of burns were burned.


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