Sukarnana runs in Mahfil Suhrawardy


Shukranah Mahfil will continue Suhrawardy Udyan on Sunday morning in the capital after passing the law with the highest level of Qaumi madrasa education after accepting the postgraduate (Arabic and Arabic) Diploma in Diwas. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is the main guest of mahfil

The Mahfil pig is kept in the cove of the largest organization of Quami Madrasahs "Haatul Ulaya Lil Jamiyatil Qaumi Bangladesh". Hefazat-e-Islam Amir Allama Shah Ahmad Shafi is the president of the organization. He had already reached the mahfil. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is expected to arrive around 11:00. But most of Quami Madrassas's teachers and leaders have spoken in Mahfila since the morning.

On the occasion of the mahfil, the priests and students of the Quami Madrasa were brought to Dhaka by the Masjid-based mass education program of the Islamic Foundation. Qawmi Madrasah teachers and students started the morning outside. Moving their buses to Suhrawardy Udyan at a predetermined location at Shukranah Mahfil. Many walk there.

Ameer Allama Shah Ahmad Shafi from Hefazat-i Islami File image Two teachers, Nurul Amin and Fayzur Rahman of Narsingdi Darul Taqa Madrasa, told their first glimpse of having 120 students in the Dhaka this morning, saying that early in the morning from Brahmanbari, Sylhet, including Narsingdi, the buses in the region, Tejag They left the area, they reached Suhrawardy Udyan where they went, thanking Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for acknowledging these two doctrine dictatorships.

Ramadan Ali, teacher of Narsinghul Quran Women's Madras, said that 40 students participated in the madrasa. But only the teachers came to participate in the Mahfil.

The great number of teachers and students of Quami Madrasah was seen around 10:30 am in the area around Suhrawardy Udyan.

Vehicle traffic was dropped from Shahbagh to Suhrawardy, using alternative routes.

The law adopted the Parliament on 19 September, acknowledging the constitution of Qawmi Madrasah's education.


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