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The bar examinations banned students from private universities

The Appellate Department upheld the Supreme Court order to fill out the form and registration card for students of the university's private law faculty during the Bar Council exam in Bangladesh. As a result, the upcoming bar council exam gives private students the option lawyers have stated.

The appeal bench, chaired by head judge Syed Mahmood Hossain, issued an order on Wednesday.

Attorney Mashiuzzaman questioned the bar counsel in court. AM Amin Uddin, senior lawyer and University of Stokeford Roken Uddin Mahmud spokesman, were supporters of Dhaka International University.

Accordingly, the Bar decided not to issue registration cards to students of law faculties at around six private universities to admit students without rules. Later, approximately 2,000 students in the Supreme Court filed separate letters against the Bar Council's decision. The Supreme Court ordered students to give registration cards at the hearing of these letters. Within 25 days of receiving a copy of the order, the Bar Council was instructed to complete the registration and complete the form by students.

The Supreme Court Chambers are appealing from the Bar Council to suspend the Supreme Court. When approving the petition, the Chamber Court adjourned the Supreme Court's decision and set a date for the hearing in the full panel of the Appellate Division to consider the petition. After the hearing, the Appellate Division issued a judgment.

According to sources, on April 23 Grants University (UGC) determined the place of admission of students in accordance with the law. The Bar Council did not allow non-governmental students to fill out the registration forms based on the admission of additional students for non-compliance with this directive.

He questioned the legality of the Southeast University, Eastern University, International University of Dhaka, Stamford University, Islamic University in Bangladesh, Asha University, International Islamic University, Ćottagong, Premier University, Chittagong University, Sylhet University and University. There are two thousand students from these 6 universities who have not had the opportunity to register and complete the form.
After not completing the registration and formation of students, the application for a letter was submitted to the Supreme Court.

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