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The contested judge in the last three erroneous decisions

World Cup Final The most important World Cup match in the cricket. In the face of England and New Zealand Looking at the unrestricted interest of the whole world But judging is the quality of the match! Field judges Kumar Dharmasena and Marais Erasmus gave three to three mistaken decisions in the first half of the match! They were again asked about refereeing the World Cup.

On Sunday (14 July), Dharmasena and Erasmus, who are the field judges of the Lords, also held matches in the semi-finals between England and Australia. He is in the match Dharmasena made the wrong decision against Jason Rai. Due to lack of reviews, the England opener had to return to the tournament. Even then he made a mistake twice.

New Zealand named after winking against England The Sri Lankan Dharmasena judge decided to raise his finger when Henry Nicholas' delivery to Chris Oaks was crushed in the third installment of the rounds. But Nicholas looked at the decision not to be satisfied. After the ball is noticed in the tracking, the ball passes over the stumps. Nicholas lives on.

The leader of England, Eoin Morgan, brought Liam Planckt to an attack on the 23rd day to break the second Kiwis partnership. The fourth spell of an experienced paceman is the fourth! Captain Kane Williamson, who is sure of batting in New Zealand, But before that there was less drama!

Williamson, captured by Jos Butler, caught behind the gate. But the bat who touched could not understand Dharmasena! False – once again the wrong decision. At first he did not give up. After the death of the death of the review.

After Williamson-Nicolas left, veteran Ross Taylor's shoulder was responsible for repairing rounds in New Zealand. But in the 34th year, the South African Erasmus judge was wrongly asked. However, Taylor Wood did not feel comfortable at the end of the LBW round. After viewing the TV repetition, the ball passes through the stumps!

But in the previous two mistakes it was not a way to correctly execute. Because the review was last seen in New Zealand. Opener Martin Guptill has already lost him. The tailor who did not want to know it came straight to the front door. After his departure Kiwi, who regularly lost the gates, stopped to get 241 for 8 in the results table.

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