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The Koyel campaign has started


The Koyel campaign has started

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19:35, 26 June, 019

The Koyel campaign has started

He is in close contact with Puja. The attractiveness of Suchitra Bhattacharya's cult in Puja was difficult to avoid. After the author's death, the place was empty. During Puja, the screen is displayed in the book "Mitin Auntie". Koyel Mallick is in the lead role. Director Arindam Shil

How difficult was the production of Mithinmasira after Shabar Das Gupta and Bomkesh Bakshi? Arindam said: "I put a lot of pressure on Koyal's look. Three of his pictures in the picture. Cooy is seriously created. "The producers asked the reader about social media, how they would like to see Mithinmas. According to the reader's advice, Koyel & # 39; s Look is set.

Quoyel himself with the cry of "Mithinmashi's character sketch is great! A woman of incredibly intelligent character. Like he is qualified in the kitchen and strong strong Strong. "In the movie, Koel must perform a sequence of actions. The actress watches her fitness.

The first photo from this series about the story "Only three days in hand". The original text has not changed much. According to the story, the character of Mitin is a little older.

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