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The laptop is also equipped with the new Windows system – Techzoom.TV

Forgetting Microsoft, documents related to the internal design of the new Windows 8X operating system were leaked. The document was later turned off offline. But the leak has become what it is.

According to the document, Microsoft has a plan for a new operating system. Along with the dual-screen device, the new laptop operating system will be introduced by Microsoft – Khabar Verge.

Microsoft announced the launch of a new device with two Surface Neo screens as the operating system. The new Start menu and taskbar design are also new, said the American software giant. The company added: "The new operating system will be able to run on other devices with two screens, such as Surface Neo."

But leaking documents say that Microsoft wants to introduce Windows 7X not only for dual screens, but also laptops. The document states: "Flap and folding", for both types of equipment, the taskbar design will be considered the "base model" and some "levers" will be added. With these levers you can create alternatives to the model.

The document also discusses the appearance of the Windows 7X Start menu. Remember that not only the appearance of the Windows 8X Start menu, but also Microsoft has changed its name. The start menu was named "Launcher" in the new project. In the document, Microsoft says that "Launcher" can "search" better than ever. The Launcher context says: "Search options have been added to some Internet files, applications and device-specific files. "Renewed content" will be updated based on the last used application, file and website. "

In addition, the document also states that Windows 8X will have advanced face recognition. The documents say: "In the wake-up mode, the Windows Hello face will immediately recognize the user and get him quickly on the desktop after recognition."

The document also shows that Windows 8X will contain a more advanced "Modern File Explorer" and a simpler Action Center. "It's been a long time since Microsoft dealt with these issues," said Verge.

Surface Neo is expected to enter the market in 2020. During this time, a new operating system will appear.

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