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The leader of the Jubo League opens Mayor Nasir


Mayor of Chittagong City Corporation AJM Nasir Uddin (left) and convector of the metropolitan League Jubo in Chittagong Mohiuddin Bachchu. Photo: collected

Mohiuddin Bachchoo of the Chittagong Metropolitan Jubo League claimed that the mayor of City Corporation AJM Nasiruddin Uddin transformed the port city into an unplanned city, opening an open-air store with materials from the metropolis. These stores rehabilitated their people.

Mohiuddin Bachchu, a convoy from the Jitto League in Chittagong, wrote in writing on Wednesday.

Chittagong's policy became hot after the meeting of Hasina Mohiuddin, president of the Metropolitan Mahila Awami League, representative of the six organizational districts of the Awami League, at Chittagong's Sunday Cultural Center. During the meeting, after the announcement of the city mayor AJM Nasir Uddin, the president of the league Juba Mohiuddin Bachchu protested for the first time. Bachchu is known as the trust of former mayor ABM Mohiuddin Chowdhury.

In connection with this day, the mayor of the city of Nasir demanded yesterday from NTV that the league president of the metropolitan Chittagong Mahil Awami, Hasin Mohiuddin, was not removed from the House of Representatives. According to the organizational decision, Mike and several other people left the stage after announcing Mike & # 39; a.

Secretary General of the Chittagong Metropolitan Awami League, AJM Nasir Uddin, said a syndicate of several boys and businessmen dealing with billboards in Chittagong tried to use the motives of Motiuddin Chowdhury, former mayor of Chittagong. Many of those who protested and protested were terrorists, and many drug addicts could be found. Many are involved in Yaba's business. All documents are there.

President of the Metropolitan Jubo League Mohiuddin Bachchu today made a statement regarding Nasir's statement. He said he started his first billboard activity in Chittagong and left four and a half years ago. He said that there is no need for the billboard business and finance to speak out against any labeling act. Perfect power is a great force for an employee of a political organization.

Mentioning that it is better to do business than extortion, Bachchu said that billboard business is run by City Corporation. It is natural that those who sell billboards are under the control of the mayor or do something for them. We need to know why he blames the billboard dealer.

Hasina Mohiuddin, the metropolitan president of Chittagong, Mahila Awami, was not removed from the House of Representatives, saying that the claim of AJM mayor Nasir Uddin was false. Has video from the entire incident. He said: "The prime minister has been informed of this incident. He told us to remain calm. For this reason, the field program has been postponed.

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