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The mayor in prison again on the rape – The Daily Amader Shomoy

The son of the Shariatpur Yazir community, son of Yunus Bepari, Masud Bepari, again went to prison on rape in college. Prashant Kumar Bis, District and Session Judge, was ordered to send him to prison after his bail relief had been refused when he appeared in court on Thursday at noon.

On Monday, the acting judge of the same instance granted temporary bail to the additional district and session judge Masud Bepari.

Prosecutor and prosecutor (PP) Mirza Hazrat Ali said: "That day, the prosecutor objected to the penalty of rape." But the court did not accept it. Then the prosecutor became helpless in front of the court. There are many questions in the society about granting bail to the accused in a serious crime. & # 39;

He further said that on Thursday Masud appeared before the court, and the opposition objected to punishment. The judge of the Session and the Judges' Court ordered the cancellation of the surety and sent Masud to prison.

The police said the girl was raped on the night of June 29. On the day of the incident Masud asked to meet his wife and asked the girl to come back home. The girl went to Masud's house at 19 after the diagnostic center was finished. The student tried to return without seeing any of Masuda's family. Then Masud stopped him at home and raped him twice.

After the rape Masud tried to kill the student, Masud tried to kill. Then the girl escaped from there. When Masud left the house, some mohalhi women saved him. Later, his family members treated him at the local clinic around 10 PM. He was taken home at night.

The police also announced that on June 30 the student filed a case against Masud for rape at the police station in Jasir. The next day, Masud Bepari was sent to jail in the Shariatpur district by a court. Subsequently, on Sunday, a petition was filed for bail in the Shariatpur district court.

At that time, the prosecutor's lawyer appealed against seven days of arrest. Judge Mohammad Nizam Uddin rejected the application for bail and detention. Defendant's lawyer, Zainab Akter, appealed to the county and district judge the next day to dismiss the appeal. He prayed on the same day at the request of the accused for bail. Additional District and Sessions Judge Mariam Moon granted the bail after granting him temporary bail.

Later on Thursday Masud Bepari appeared in court and asked for bail. After the Shariatpur district judge rejected the bail release and sent him to prison.

The student at Victim College said: "Masood is my relative. Even so, you could not rape. I cried through his feet, but I could not escape. Because the case is under pressure. In the meantime, Masud got a bail. It increased my fears. I am in danger of killing me. As a result of re-sent to prison, I am a bit shocked. I want her a fair trial.

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