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The mother is an actress before the wedding

The news about the birth of a child before marriage is nothing new. However, in the case of stars it happens all the time. Bollywood actress Amy Jackson has been listed.

Amy recently shared her photos during pregnancy on social media. After the birth of the child, he also approached the discussion, publishing photos of the child on the Internet. The heroine shared a photo with the newborn while she was in the hospital.

In the photo he is breast-feeding his baby.

Meanwhile, the birth of the child is over. Now, Amy has planned for the George & # 39; a family.

It should be noted that Amy Jackson is a British actress and model. Which can be seen mainly in Indian movies. She began her modeling career at the age of six. Miss Teen won World Championship 21. Then director A. L. She is seen in the main character of the series called Madrasapattinam (25) in the Tamil language of victory.

Amy Jackson has consistently performed in other Indian languages ​​such as Tamil, Hindi, Telugu and karnataka. Recently, she has been working as a spokeswoman for Lipsy London, London-style dresses for a decade. For two years he has also participated in the annual Cannes Film Festival. Emra Ardin / Saturn Girl Nevan character in the first season of Supergirl Jackson series of superheroes at the age of 25.


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