The Navy will be more powerful when it comes to power: PM –


During the ceremony of putting into service the navy base in Bangladesh "Sheikh Mujib" in Khilat on Monday
That's what the head of government said.

He said: "The first modern freedom fighter for the navy created by the government in 1996
I bought it. We've taken steps to make the Navy more advanced and the Navy will be able to do it
We had development plans as a three-dimensional force.

After the Awami League came to power again in 2009, Navalis differ from each other in development
Describing the implementation of the program, Sheikh Hasina said: "From 2009 to 2018, I will say yes
Today, the Navy is a standard three-dimensional force on an international scale
I got up. Congratulations on the navy.

"If we can come back in the future, we must have a stronger fleet
We will build it, we have this goal. "

He said the prime minister, as well as the security of rural bamboo Sheikh Mujib Dhaka
The defeat will play a role in saving people's well-being.

"I am very glad that the journey of the Bajżaj Szejka Mujiba base was officially held
It began … … in the area of ​​the navy without a small base at the Navy Headquarters
No base was earlier. "

Training Navalis in the regions of Dhaka, Chittagong and Khulna from this ceremony
The prime minister inaugurated 22 multi-storey residential buildings. Also in Savar
The cornerstone of BN Township has been unveiled.

He said: "We want, for the independence and sovereignty of our country
He will work, watchman for freedom and sovereignty, they and their families will be beautiful
He will live. They feel good and work honestly for the country.

"I try my best to achieve this goal, on one side, for example in the country
We make socio-economic development, strengthening the country economically. On the other hand, our independence
The symbol can modernize these forces and accept dignity in the world. "

Sheikh Hasina said that the Father of the Nation of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman wanted independence,
Build armed forces capable of sovereign Bangladesh. So it's for the armed forces
A defense policy was implemented

Before the Golden Jubilee of Independence in 2021, Bangladesh was hungry, poor
He also stressed the purpose of building the country as a country.

When the prime minister arrived at the base of Banaja Sheikh Mujib in the morning, the head of the fleet
Admiral Mohammad Nizamuddin Ahmed greeted him.

The prime minister handed over the order of Prime Minister Bajż Szejka Mujib
The Commander Later he will lead the regions of Dhaka, Chittagong and Khulna through videoconferences
Talk to commanders, officials and members of their families.

The Bangladesh Navy wrote about the historical achievements of the navy of Bangladesh
In this function, the book of the 21st century was unveiled.


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