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Today, November 3rd. The day of mourning prison. The history of human civilization is woody, bloodless and painless. Following the assassination of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman on August 15, 1975, four national leaders of Dhaka's central prison were killed brutally and brutally by the country's first provisional president, Syed Nazrul Islam, Prime Minister Tajuddin Ahmed, Captain M Mansur Ali and AHM Kamruzzaman. It is. The liberty of the war of independence and the enemies of the liberation war did not set the four leaders of the country's best child this day, did not stop the evil coward's body that the bayonets had wounded, in violation of the defeat of the Ekatray War. The advancement of progress has led the Bengali back. In the history of the cruel massacre of history, he dazzled not only the people of Bangladesh but also the whole world. This type of brutal murder is rare in the history of the world when the prison is in a safe haven.

On the next day, a Kazi Abdul Awal police station (DIG prison) detained a murder case at a police station in Lalbagh. But the 21-year trial was kept secret. In 1996, the Awami League came to power and began the process of revitalizing the case. On October 20, 2004, Judge Dhaka Metropolitan Sessions said. Matiur Rahman gave judgment on the case. The deaths were condemned by the Risaldar Muslim Uddin, Dafadar Maftat Ali Shahot and LD (Dafadar) Abul Hashem Mridha. In addition, convicts were sentenced to life imprisonment for killing Syed Faruk Rahman, Sultan Shahriar Rashid Khan, Bazlul Huda and AKM Mohiuddin Ahmed. Former Minister KM Obaidur Rahman, Shah Moazzem Hossain, Nurul Islam Manzur and Taheruddin Thakur were acquitted. In the 2008 judgment, the Supreme Court appealed against the judgment, suspending the execution of Muslims. But two exiles, Mohammad Ali and Hasem Mridha, were acquitted.

Message from the President and the Prime Minister

President Abdul Hamid and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina gave separate messages on the occasion of imprisonment. In the message, the President stated that the contribution of four national leaders of Bangabandhu's close associates always remembers. He said that in Bangladesh Sheikh Mujibur Rahman's father was murdered on 15 August 1975 in Dhaka Central Prison on 15 August 1975 to kill the national leaders of the four national leaders on 3 November 1975 in prison. The President prayed for the forgiveness of the abandoned souls of the four national leaders.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said in his speech that they respect the memory of the four national leaders and apologize to their souls.The continuation of the murder of the nation's father in the family led to the killing of four national leaders in jail. The terrible murder, the defeated power of independence, the anti-national cycle, broke out of Awami League's Bengali for ever, destroying the liberation war spirit and making the nation a leader without leadership. The Prime Minister stated that Bangabandhu and four national executives were murdered in the Awami League government in 1996, and that we have been making justice to the murderers of the Father of the Nation. The killing of the four national leaders was also carried out.


Various political, social, cultural and professional organizations, including the Awami League, have produced a detailed program for observing the right dignity. In the Awami League program on Saturday, 6 o'clock on Saturday, at 6 o'clock, Bangabandhu Bhaban and party offices, national and coastal flagships, black flags and blackbags hold the branch throughout the country. Dhammondi Bangabandhu Bhaban, Dhanmondi, Dhanmondi, at 7 o'clock, transporting flowers at Bangabandhu's portrait at 8 o'clock, and wreaths on the three martyrs of the Banana Cemetary on 8 August 15, Fateha Path, Milad Mahfil and Munaj. At the same time they hand over Rajshahi's national leader Shaheed Kamruzzaman's cemetery, holding fateha lessons, milad-mahfill, and eggs. Krishibid Institute Auditorium Memorial Meeting at 3 o'clock. He will see President Awami League and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. National leaders are addressing the meeting.

The Secretary General of the Awami League and the Minister of Road Transport and Labor Obaidul Quader in a statement urged all Awami League activists' associations and sister organizations, Awami League people, to celebrate prison war with the right dignity and wonderful environment. He told.

Milad Mahfil at Mansur Bhaban

Meanwhile, on behalf of the four national leaders, including Shahid M Mansur Ali, Maghrib Minister of Health and Family Aid Mohammad Nasim resident Dhanmond residence (No-40 / A, old -331 / B. Road -11 (old -33) Dhanmondi) held.

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