Tuesday , December 10 2019
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What comes to WhatsApp

What's New Adding new features to customers Indian Media Gazette based on technology said that the Facebook organization is working on new features. It includes

Dark mode: Dark mode is one of the most attractive WhatsApp functions. This feature was found in beta applications. The dark mode is quite useful to reduce pressure on the eye. After sunset, the pressure on our eyes caused a lot of stress in the light of the phone. It is believed that this is a special function to reduce this pressure.

Quick Edit Media: Whatsapp has already started working on a new feature called "Quick Edit Media". This feature has been shown in new beta applications. It can be used to exchange various multimedia files. Fast editing media are very different from other editing tools in WhatsApp.

More information provided further: To protect yourself against fake news, WhatsApp added a "forwarded" label to messages from the sender last year. WhatsApp is now considering adding a label called "Frequently Forwarded" to improve this feature. This function allows you to specify when the message was sent and when it was read.

QR code: WhatsApp plans to add new content using a QR code. Because the name is marked on Instagram, this new WhatsApp function will be something that is known. Every WhatsApp user will receive a new QR code that he can share with others. WhatsApp WhatsApp is logged in with this WhatsApp QR code when using the WhatsApp website. This QR code will be added to add new content.

Hide the mutated status: Like the Unfollow Facebook option, "Hide muted status" WhatsApp will not completely block the contact, just keep it from the status channel. Currently, if some states are silenced, they are highlighted under the status channel. Whatsapp is working to make this feature even better, so that the muted status channel can be completely removed.

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