Will be demanding through the movement: Mirza Fakhrul


BNP - Secretary General - Mirza-Fakhrul-Islam-Alamgir comments that the National Unity Forum made a dialogue within the movement The Secretary General of BNP Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir said: "If the government does not mean, if we do not mean government, we will go through this movement." After talking with the Awami League on the occasion of the National Unity Forum in Ganobhaban, an inquiry at a press conference organized by President Ganofram at the residence of Dr Kamal Hossain at Bailey Road. He said those words in response.

Mirza Fakhrul said: "We believe that this issue should be resolved through negotiations, but if the government does not go in this direction, the government will take responsibility for the government if it wants to come to a place through discussion.

Answering Mirza Fakhrul's question, he said: "We have suggested that we want to continue the discussion on this matter." The government said there would be no timetable to schedule. "Scheduled schedules may also be required to change the schedule." At that time, Chairman Mahmudur Rahman Manna said: "We agreed to announce the schedule, if we do not like it, then we will start the march towards the Electoral Commission. We told us that the schedules could be re-planned." We made this request. "

Asked whether the dialogue was fruitful, Mirza Fakhrul said: "Whether it is fruitful, it can be understood after discussion." Conversations are continued. "If the facade of national unity observes the light of dialogue, he said that if people see, then the light of hope will be visible. Tomorrow we will go to Rajshahi on the marching road and there will be a public meeting there.

How many governments have accepted the seven-point demand on the united front? Answering a question like this, the secretary general of the BNP said: "We will consider everything, when the decision is taken in full, I will let you know.

Referring to the emancipation of Khaled Zia, Mirza Fakhrul said: "Khaleda Zia had to discuss the issue of liberation." We said he has the right to release on bail. "

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<p>Responding to the question of the government during the election, Mahmudur Rahman Manna said: "As we said, that the parliament must be dissolved, elections will take place within 90 days after the dissolution of the parliament." He said: "The dissolution of the parliament belongs to the constitution. we have a constitution, there will be two parliaments, it can not be a rule.If they say that it is not possible to break the parliament, they are wrong, we have proposed constitutionally, in which case the elections will take place 90 days after the dissolution of the Parliament. "That's all." Mirza Fakhrul said: "We offered."</p>
<p>Asked whether the government agreed to dissolve the parliament, Mirza Fakhrul said: "They said a discussion could take place." We announced tomorrow, we will make a road march to demand a seven-point demand. If the schedule is announced tomorrow, I will go to the Electoral Commission. " Mahmudur Rahman Manna said: "The Prime Minister assured me that no other matter would be filed and no detention would be made."</p>
<p>Regarding the second round of dialogue with the government, Mirza Fakhrul said: "We went to the government with our demands. The government says they will discuss it in the future." There are bargaining opportunities, it will be there. We go to people with our demands, we will try to get demand by encouraging people. "Regardless of whether the movement is heading for a conflict, he said," his duty is the government. " Kamal Hossain said: "We are trying to maintain a stable situation in the country. The ball is in the government court.</p>
<p>As regards the election, Mirza Fakhrul said: "We demand the withdrawal of a significant election schedule".</p>
<p><strong>Photo: Nasirul Islam</strong></p>
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