Thursday , January 28 2021

12:30 news – Coronavirus: 1 in 2 French are not going to be vaccinated

Hope for a vaccine changes the rules of the game. Emmanuel Macron has taken the lead in the face of French skepticism: 1 in 2 do not intend to be vaccinated. “I will not make vaccinations compulsory”the head of state said, but promised some injections would be available from late December or even early January.

Indeed, we will have the first vaccines on the date indicated by the President of the Republic if and only if the European Medicines Agency gives the green light. This is a mandatory, necessary step. Experts from this health authority are currently examining the scientific data provided by the most advanced laboratories and it can issue the first marketing authorizations until the end of the year. These approvals are based on the efficacy and safety of the vaccine candidates. There is no question of exposing the first vaccinated to unknown risks.

It is true that two months in hindsight may not seem like enough, but the observation doesn’t stop there. Firstly, clinical trials with thousands of volunteers are continuing and in addition there will be a so-called phase 4, that is very close monitoring in real life, which allows you to observe possible undesirable effects. However, do not imagine that the 90 million doses previously ordered by France will be available immediately. They will come in limited numbers. And there we are waiting for the final opinion of the High Health Office.

As for the priority populations, namely possibly the oldest people who may develop a serious form of the disease, but also medical personnel, this means 22 million people which, according to HAS, could have been vaccinated in three months.

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