Monday , November 30 2020

70 people fled, some fled

The police were called to intervene on Saturday, just before midnight, in the guesthouse village of Offagne, as there was an event there that was prohibited in the present context of Covid. The maximum capacity of the gîte during normal hours is 14 people. But the police faced 70 people. The intervention was obviously complicated as some fled.

Nevertheless, 42 participants were identified. The “organizer”, the man who rented the accommodation, had already been fined on the spot with an immediate amount of EUR 750. For others, the fine may go up to € 250. The prosecution should consider lawsuits. The man who rented the cottage is a Dilbeek resident who was born in 1996.

The participants came from all over the world, including the Netherlands. Word of mouth seems to have worked about this holiday, which is why so many participants met in one place. The owner of the accommodation could be heard for questioning about the lease conditions.

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