Saturday , June 19 2021

Alba's white truffle sold 85,000 euros

A white truffle of 850 grams was sold at an auction of 85,000 euros or 100 euros per gram, on Sunday at the 19th world auction held in Alba, not far from Turin.

The sale took place in connection with Hong Kong, where the buyer of white truffles was found whose identity was not disclosed.

"The price of this unique truffle is not responsible market price which this year revolves around 350 euros for 100 grams", a explained sales spokesperson.

"What explains this high rate is the fact that it is intended for profit from sales charities and rarity truffle weighing 850 grams, because the higher the truffle, the more value it has"she said.

Every year for 88 years the cityalbaIn Piedmont, the hosts for almost two months large white truffles, during which the auction takes place.

The white truffles from Alba, which are collected from September 21 to January 31, are extremely well known.

"He characterizes him intense smellthat evokes romantic encounters, forests, nature, is very suggestive"explained Antonio Degiacomi, president of the National Center for Truffle Studies.

harvest is perfect this year, both in terms of quality and quantity, after the difficult season of last year.

"This season is very positive, because in July and August there were precipitation and thunderstorms that could provide a good water supply. And truffle, as we know, is a hypogeous fungus and therefore needs such a season"said Mr. Degiacomi.

As a result of these good harvests, price they are in decrease, to the delight of restaurateurs and foodies.

"Last year, due to the drought that led to low yields, we obtained 600-700 euros per 100 grams. This year we went to 250, and now we have about 350 euros", for lumps weighing an average of 20 grams, Mr. Degiacomi stressed.

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