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Angèle presents the video "Balance ton quoi"

Immerse yourself in a fun world to talk about sexism. Accompanied by actor Pierre Niney.

Cendrillon in his castle, caressing his little cat … and then doing a big f * ck. To illustrate this Balance what, a new fragment of her album touching on the issue of mere sexism, referring to the movements #BalanceTonPorc and #MeToo, Angela chooses simultaneously a funny and entertaining universe, but screaming with the truth.

The film directed by his faithful accomplice Charlotte Abramow (imagined as a small movie) begins in an imaginary court, devoted to sexism. Verdict? Rehabilitation. The perpetrators are sent to the "Antysexual Academy", where we find the actor Pierre & Niney & # 39 ;, who turned into a banal machismo refusing to listen to the "no" woman.

"Many topics evoke the desire to illustrate intersecting and inclusive feminism: gender issues, sexual harassment, consent (…) psychological strain …" explains Charlotte Abramow in his letter of intent. A way to sensitize all generations to the ongoing problem. The clip also used the possibility of creating a collection of uniforms capsules of the "Antysexual Academy". And pay back the profits to two feminist associations.

"Feminism is good. "

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