Sunday , January 17 2021

Anne Sylvestre died at the age of 86

French singer Anne Sylvestre died at the age of 86 “after a stroke”, According to Sébastien d’Assigny, his historic press attaché.

Anne Sylvestrefrom his real name Anne-Marie Therese Beugras, is born June 20, 1934 In Lyon.

She studied literature in Paris before starting to sing. Her first scenes will be Parisian cabarets from the late 1950s, such as La Contrescarpe and Les Trois Baudets, where she will sing until 1962.

The originality of his career was thisafter bumping two recipientsmostly adults who compare her to Brassens because she writes her own lyrics and accompanies herself on the guitar, and to children from 1962, “Fabulettes”, the musical stories that brought her, she left her name in schools, but she will never perform on stage.

His adult repertoire wanted to be more engaged – even if it refuses to accept this label, as evidenced by her “Pure song ”. Her feminist work has often been overshadowed by the success of her children’s stories, such as No, you don’t have a name (1973), on abortion, two years before the Veil Act in France. Use of the term singerfeminist“, it was sometimes hard to carry.

I think it stopped me in my career as I was a sucker for service but my God if that was the price to pay …

She also defended the case of same-sex marriage Gay, let’s get married! in 2007.

She had a tour planned to perform her program “New rides“in 2021

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