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It’s been a month since hospitals have admitted fewer than 200 coronavirus patients, but the latest report said no “more than” 189. First sign of improvement?

It’s been a month since hospitals have admitted fewer than 200 coronavirus patients, but the latest report said no “more than” 189. First sign of improvement?

Minister Henri Kox (Déi Gréng) had to withdraw from any official activity. On Saturday, a statement announced that the Minister of Housing and Homeland Security had been designated as a contact person, due to his closeness to a COVID-19 positive colleague. He joined the list of politicians (and thousands of people) forced to isolate themselves before they were allowed to return to work or not.

Nursing Care Coordinator Silvana Di Florio (C), wearing protective gear, prepares to enter the intensive care unit COVID-19 (ICU) of Tor Vergata Hospital on November 24, 2020 In Rome.  Italy, the first European country hit by the global coronavirus pandemic, passed the 50,000 death mark from Covid-19 on November 23, 2020.  Most occurred earlier this year, but there have been around 15,000 deaths since the beginning of September.  (Photo: ANDREAS SOLARO / AFP)

Luxembourg will reserve the first doses of the kovid vaccine for healthcare professionals, residents and cross-border workers. In the hope of creating the first “health cover” against infection.

Twenty-four hours after the prime minister outlined the main lines of Luxembourg’s vaccination strategy, the country still has a high number of infections, with 667 additional cases was recorded in one day – against 588 the day before – on 11,151 tests were analyzed. Not forgetting about 5 new deaths, bringing the total death toll to 350 killed.

Thanks to these new positive cases, Luxembourg counts 38.466 detected cases since March last year. Exponentially growing numbers directly related to the significant increase in the number of screening campaigns. It should be noted that the data provided by the authorities no longer take into account the positive cases reported among non-residents from August 27 latest.

For hospitalized patients under normal care, we are currently counting 149 patients (infected or suspected of having COVID). In the intensive care unit, the number of patients with a respiratory infection dropped one unit to 40 people. Or less than 200 patients in total, which has not been the case since early November. However, Phase 4 of the hospital health plan remains valid.

Moscow began vaccinating caregivers and teachers at risk of catching Covid-19 on Saturday. While other countries such as the United Kingdom are preparing to launch a vaccination campaign, Sputnik V has been vaccinated to social workers, medical staff and teachers at seventy vaccination centers opened in the Russian capital. . However, this Russian vaccine is only in the third and final phase of clinical trials involving 40,000 volunteers.

On their side United States on Friday, the second consecutive day, a 24-hour record of infections was recorded with 225,201 new cases and 2,500 deaths. The United States has been facing a dramatic rebound of the epidemic for several weeks, and health officials were expecting a new epidemic after many Americans traveled for Thanksgiving last week despite calls to stay home.

Canada a neighbor passed the threshold of 400,000 cases, just over two weeks after reaching 300,000. The stage that marks the sudden acceleration of the pandemic in the country.

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