Brazil Israel's embassy goes to Jerusalem


Jair Bolsonaro, far-right president-elect, announced the decision on Thursday, just like Donald Trump, who has been widely criticized. with AFP
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Jair Bolsonaro, the far-right Brazilian president, is in the footsteps of Donald Trump. Confirmed on Thursday, 1stst November to move the Embassy in Brazil to Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. It is a very controversial measure that the US president did in May.

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"As announced during the campaign, the Brazilian embassy will be transferred from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Bolsonaro announced on Twitter. Israel is a sovereign state and we have to be fully respected. "

Shortly thereafter, the brochure appeared in Portuguese and English, and from the right-wing president at a news conference he said he did not consider this announcement "Great climate" Brazil and the Middle East.

"We respect the people of Israel and the Arab people, we do not want to cause any problems with anyone. We want to trade with everyone, and we are looking for peaceful solutions to solving problems."

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday, this decision is "historic".

"I congratulate my friends, the elected President of Brussels, Jair Bolsonaro, with the intention of moving the Brazilian Embassy to Jerusalem, a historic, just and exciting step. "

Particularly sensitive location

In an interview published by the Israeli newspaper HayonIn favor of Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli Prime Minister, Bolsonaro has already said that Israel should be free to choose its capital. "When asked if during a campaign, once I became president, I would say," Yes, you have to decide which is the capital of Israel, not the other nations "he told the newspaper.

Particularly sensitive is the question of the location of embassies in Israel. The Jewish state regards Jerusalem as a whole city, while the Palestinians strive to make East Jerusalem the capital of the future country. For the international community, the status of the Holy City must be negotiated by both parties and embassies should not be settled there until an agreement is reached.

In December 2016, Donald Trump broke away with decades of American diplomacy, recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Shortly this decision, Guatemala and Paraguay announced that they would follow up in Washington. Asuncion has since retaliated the return of Tel Aviv Embassy.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has since abolished the Trump agency. The Brazilian media are concerned that the transfer from the embassy could result in commercial abuse of Arab countries, the main importers of Brazilian beef, lamb and chicken.

"Successful cooperation"

"I love Israel and Israel", added the elected president to the Israeli press, declaring his intentions "Promoting proximity and fruitful cooperation". After his victory on October 28, Israeli Israeli ambassador Yossi Shelley went to congratulate Mr. Bolsonaro in Rio. Benjamin Netanyahu will attend "Probably" in early January at the Brasilia Investment Ceremony, the AFP news agency informed its head of office.

In his interview with the newspaper Hayon, Bolsonaro also announces his intention to hand over or close the Palestinian embassy in Brazil, "It's too close to the Presidential Palace." It is located less than 3.2 km from the Planalto Palace, over 1,500 square meters, which the Brazilian government offers in 2010. Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva left president then recognized Palestine as an independent state.


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