First point for Chteline in Ciney: "I'm happy with the work done"



A week after taking control of the team, Chteline took over the starting point

At the end of the game, which will not remain in the annals of the beautiful game, Ciney scored the first point with his coach Alexandre Chteline, who returned to the head of the team here for a week. The one who discovered this group, in which he only knew the defender of Charles Dion from the first pass, was surprisingly unacceptable after the meeting.

"I'm afraid to say that … I do not know the players well enough"he politely justified himself. "But I'm happy with the work I did during the session this week and I'm pleasantly surprised by the selflessness of the players." Because if his protegees did not have an easy life against the Waremmians, who generally had control over the party, they opposed their opponents of their organization and goodwill.

That might not be enough if the goalkeeper Aerts did not change Cossalter's penalty in the 20th minute, but the Cinaciens rebounded after that. Simon, who had very little opportunity, grabbed a little after the hour of the game, pushing the skin into a skylight. However, the compensation fell quickly, after one of the many arrested phases obtained by Waremme.

A free throw by Ribeaucourt led to the second ball, which Morhet managed to push to the bottom, rewarding the villains of Li├Ęge. This issue raises the same Cinaciens who apparently were satisfied with the cooperation with the new trainer. "There is much more discipline"– summarizes Kevin Aerts. "I really liked Xavier Thira & # 39; ego

(Publisher's note: former T1)
but compared to the group he was a bit too nice. "


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