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He gets a swab in his skull and develops a serious infection

He had a headache, began to vomit and clearly suffered serious brain damage when he began to lose his memory. The 31-year-old man was about to die, the British press reports (see here) after he suffered an infection caused by a cotton swab in his skull. The subject stick has been there for at least five years.

The facts take place in the Coventry region of central England. The man suffers from these spectacular symptoms and immediately leaves the hospital. There, doctors believe that he has a serious ear infection. Discovering the hollow of a man, they will make a surprising discovery: a cotton swab.

The patient will explain to them that he has actually suffered from hearing loss for five years, even if the reasons for the swab or why the patient was not worried about his condition remain small.

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The foreign body caused a serious infection and abscesses in the skull box. But the patient can be treated and treated with antibiotics to overcome the infection. He still regained strength after 10 weeks of this incident. Doctors said that since then the man has given up using a cotton swab to clean his ears. Sage's decision probably …

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