Friday , December 4 2020

Microsoft Teams attracts 115 million users daily

The pandemic has allowed the Microsoft videoconferencing application to significantly increase the number of users. Today, the one that competes with Google Meet or Zoom is attracting 50% more users than six months ago.

In April there were 75 million of them, 115 million now work and discuss in Teamsas CEO Satya Nadella announced during a telephone conversation with investors at the Redmond-based firm.

Nice progress, but hard to compare with the competition. This is because Zoom and Google Meet share their statistics differently, rather than announcing the number of active daily users. As the site indicates The Verge, this may mean that the eligible active user who attends multiple meetings per day can be counted multiple times.

Does not matter, Zoom announces attracting 300 million daily active users, far ahead of Google and 100 million active users. Which puts Microsoft in the second position in this ranking.

Teams recently added new features, such as the Together mode, which allows users to be together in a virtual meeting room. Also, Microsoft has opened the door to external developersthat can be added to the application by offering applications and interactive content displayed during meetings.

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