Monday , January 25 2021

Next Friday, the mythical mast test will take place: yesterday, the eliminated ones put their favorites to the final test at Koh-Lanta!

This Friday, Loïc, Brice and Alexandra will face the mythical and long-awaited post test. A “Grail” other adventurers regret not having arrived. The latter, however, support their comrades in this stage, which requires both steel morale and impeccable balance.

Dorian and Lola, who were eliminated this week, gave us their predictions. “Even if Aleksandra had an extraordinary journey, I’d love to see the boy’s triumph, in person as I love Loïc and Brice“admits Dorian.”In the posts, I can see Loïc coming out of the game as he has shown how strong he is in balance. I don’t see Alexa strong enough on the posts. If Loïc wins them, I’ll see him win Koh-Lanta because everyone appreciates it.

Same story with Lola: “If we analyze the profile of the adventurers who will be in the posts, it turns out that Loïc would really be able to win the event as it has an impressive sense of balance and especially the mentality that comes with it.

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