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Nikos Aliagas announces the departure from the European morning 1

the host announces in an interview for Le Figaro that he decides to put the radio in brackets. We will not find it in another program.

Nikos Aliagas announced Friday with his departure from the morning of Europe 1, whose time he animated only for one season after the acquisition from Patrick Cohen, while the station has a difficult course, with auditions at the lowest level.

"After almost ten years in Europe 1 I decided to put the radio in brackets. So I will not be in the morning or anywhere else in the program, "announced Le Figaro, the day after talking to Arnaud Lagardère, the head of the station and the group that bears his name.

"I do not go anywhere else," said the host, the favorite of the French (11th place), according to the ranking published this week by TV Magazine. He reached this highly exposed position in September 2018.

"One morning is a washing machine. I am only 50 years old. And in a man's life there is a moment to step back, "Nikos Aliagas said. Speculations about his departure have gone well in recent days.

The station in crisis

With this departure, Europe 1 will start its third season with a new leader at the forefront, a sign of the crisis the station is going through.

After hiring the morning star France Inter, Patrick Cohen, who remained only in one season, Europa 1 appealed in 2018 to Nikos, with the ambition to raise the bar.

However, the host known to the public for their entertainment programs was not successful: the station saw that the audience fell to a historically low level, according to data published in mid-April by Médiamétrie. They reached the highest level of 9% seven years ago and dropped to 5.9%.

"Sometimes we win battles, sometimes we give way. The erosion of the number of radio listeners is not something unique in Europe 1. The phenomenon is only more obvious – answered Nikos, who will continue to host "The Voice" on TF1 and programs such as the NRJ Music Awards,

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