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Plus size manikin in the Nike store: the gross attention of the reporter does not go away!

Beauty and fashion

In the London store, placing larger mannequins representing a collection of strong women's clothing has caused a heated debate on the web.

In the large Nike store in London at the beginning of the week, a model appeared in new collections. Plus size. This caused a large flow of ink. And too good: because it's positive for the body, we're talking about it, but the inclusiveness of different types of morphology in the "models" of brands known as Nike is still new.

This neutral plastic mannequin has black leggings and a black bra, almost identical to the mannequin (normal size) next to it. And its appearance allowed many women to congratulate themselves on what they consider a breakthrough. Indeed, even if we can talk about a "marketing blow", we can not deny that such a manikin in Nike evokes real progress in the minds. For several years the sports brand wants to be as versatile as possible at the level of species, representation and bodies: its larger size collection is available on the market from 2017, with parts from 1X to 3X.

"With the current boom in women's sports, a new space [au NikeTown de Londres] this is another proof of Nike's commitment to inspiring and serving athletes said Sarah Hannah, executive director and vice president of Nike for women in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Can not run an obese?

Nevertheless, a voice raised, dissonant, to condemn this process. On the pages of The Telegraph Tanya Gold writes the title of his article "Obese models sell women a dangerous lie." For her "The new model is obese and is not preparing to run with dazzling Nike equipment. He can not run. She is more prone to pre-diabetes and intends to undergo hip replacement surgery. What a terrible cynicism on the part of Nike"He writes, arousing controversy.

Others also laughed, imagining that they see women in round sports … The same people who repeat that women of larger sizes must practice to lose weight and be in better shape. But in this case, he asks them the question of representing "plus size" women in society, more than a false interest in their health! I hate it when you're holding us …

Running in Nike is for everyone!

This quickly caused a noise. Many women have expressed pleasure in practicing sports, running, marathons and even being "strong" even while being "obese". And their right to wear outfits as beautiful and as cool as their "thinner sisters"

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