The 29th edition of the German-speaking community festival this Thursday


The 29th festival of the German-speaking community will take place on Thursday, November 15, the day of Saint. Leopold and the king's day.

This date, chosen in 1990 to also celebrate the German-speaking Community, is not accidental. It allowed the smallest federated subjects to show their attachment to the royal home.

In this context, a party will take place on Thursday in Brussels. It will start at 11.30 by the speech of Minister-President Oliver Paasch.

In addition, various events to which the population is invited will take place until December 1.

The German-speaking community covers 854 km² and consists of 9 municipalities: Amblève, Bullange, Burg-Reuland, Bütgenbcah, Eupen, La Calamine, Lontzen, Raeren and St. Vith. These nine municipalities offer language facilities for French-speaking minorities, inhabited by 77,500 residents of the German-speaking region.

The German-speaking community has evolved considerably over the last four decades. October 23, 1973 The first meeting of the German Culture Council, the ancestor of the current German-speaking parliament, was held. The first German-speaking government was formed on January 30, 1984. Over the years, competences managed by the German-speaking Community have expanded, and in 2019. Housing, spatial planning or energy should be developed. somewhere else, to be transferred to it by the Walloon Region.


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