Thursday , January 28 2021

The American gets richer with Playstation 5

Playstation 5 has just been released and so are its older sisters sells like hot cakes. Except that in the face of the low inventory of the next-gen console, it was very much glass that was missing and even big brands like Micromania did not live up to their pre-orders. But, the bright American found a way to make over $ 40,000 selling his Playstation 5.

Probably the PS5 the brand’s fastest selling consolet. So many players who absolutely wanted a console had to run Plan B: buy a console from private sellers, provided they pay more, of course. BEHIND The 22-year-old American understood this very well and bought himself no less than 221 PS5 thanks to the bots (110 in the digital version and 111 with a disc player) for a modest amount of $ 99,500 or 83,168 euros. That is why he started offering his consoles on the Internet.

If we do not know the exact number of Playstation 5 sold by him, we know it in a week his surgery has already earned him over 30,000 euros. Knowing some are willing to pay double the starting price to get it, it could potentially amount to over EUR 150,000. Or much more than the initial expenses. If it sells all its consoles before inventory returns, we can say so this young man made a masterful stroke.

In an interview with Business Insider, he explains that this is not the first time he has bought and resold products in high demand, such as Playstation, and that that’s what allowed him to buy so much PS5 at once. He also adds that this method is completely legal. One thing is for sure, this method is risky but if successful, it can bring him big.

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