the political situation is still blocked at Linkebeek


The search for the majority of signatures of support for the future mayor of Linkebeek has so far been futile at Linkebeek. According to the LKB Samen Ensemble led by Damien Thiéry & # 39 ;, the consultation meeting on Monday did not bring any results.

On October 14 Link & Venir, led by Yves Ghequière & # 39; a, won seven of the fifteen seats on the board, LKB Damien Thiéry five places and three "Activ". Yves Ghequière has no signature to submit his presentation.

More than two weeks ago, Link @ venir sent the candidates from the other two lists a letter to propose.

Two days later, the bilingual list of "Activ" indicated that she did not approve the proposal to support the nomination of Yves Ghequière, for the same main reason: this is not a majority proposal, but a request to approve the nomination of Yves Ghequière & # 39; the mayor.

Echo was the same with Ensemble LKB Samen.

"Trust is now below zero"

According to Damien Thiéry, the consultation meeting took place on Monday evening, on the initiative of the Link @ coming list, at the request of the Ensemble LKB Samen. On Tuesday, she said she did not receive any specific proposal to consider working together and the slightest hint to "restore trust now below zero".

"It is clear that, apart from the request to support Mr Ghequière's act as mayor, no specific proposal was proposed to join one of the other two lists in order to resolve a situation that was never known at Linkebeek and whose entire responsibility lies with Link @ coming", commented Tuesday Damien Thiéry.

He pointed out that after warning, in various moments of the campaign, about the danger represented by the division of the French-speaking majority, he was ordered to be unacceptable in any attempt to unite in the context of a breach of trust.

For Mr. Thiéry & # 39; ego we are appealing today for the "democratic meaning" of the newly elected city councilors "the willingness to linger about desertion of one of the two lists is a regrettable method that does not encourage the building of trust necessary for healthy cooperation with Link @ coming. "

In total, Linkebeek Samen believes that the Link @ coming list will be revealed "not being able to unite behind one of the other two lists to get Linkebeek out of this surreal situation that provoked itself".


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