Together with Victor Hugo, ennmi of State, France 2 returns to historical fiction


The fiction with the participation of Yannick Choirat is broadcast this Monday and Tuesday from 21 hours.

His life had nothing to envy his novels. authoress Misérablesfrom Notre-Dame in Paristhe poet, always mourned for his daughter Léopoldine, disappeared too early, the throne of Victor Hugo in the French cultural and literary pantheon. This glory paradoxically rejected man, for a wasteful writer, in the shadow. More for a long time. France 2 gives him two special evenings, spreading his miniseries on Monday and Tuesday Victor Hugo, a state enemy Four episodes mean a successful and expected return of fiction in costumes on our small screens.

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An unprecedented project for a thousand miles from a bombastic and hagiographic biography. "Idea? Disappointed with the myth of grandfather Victor Hugo, a bearded old man with white hair, "he confided Figarothis summer on the set, director and screenwriter Jean-Marc Moutout and producer Iris Bucher. Victor Hugo, a state enemy is the result of an alliance between the documentary and fictional units of France Télévisions. Initiated by the documentary pole, which tried to "return to the national narrative and its great heroes", the chronicle of the series owes three years to the existence of the writer: 1848-1851, from the fall of the July monarchy to the coup d'etat of Napoleon III. The novelist retreats. He no longer touches the Les Misères manuscript that will become Les Miserables. Victor Hugo devotes himself to public life and his political career. His involvement in the Second Republic will ultimately lead him to oppose Ludwik-Napoleon Bonaparte and go into exile to Brussels and the Channel Islands.

Fifteen months of reading his speeches in the National Assembly, his correspondence, research with historians brought the scenario of "95% of the tested ones". "It was the most difficult to simplify the political talks of that time to explain the course of Victor Hugo: bourgeois monarchist and then liberal, before he would support the workers and go to the radical left and support the workers," observed Jean-Marc Moutout. He reveals under his apparatus a bubbling society that still echoes ours: "The nineteenth century is the horizon of history, it challenges access to work, the right of women, the question of divorce."

He draws a fascinating and unknown portrait of a genius devouring, whose shadow is not hidden. Expressed with enthusiasm and conviction, Yannick Choirat (Paris, etc., Witnesses), this Victor Hugo is gifted, but his megalomania crushes his sons and wife. This insatiable seducer shares with his wife and his lovers. Her longtime lover Juliette Drouet, besieged by Isabelle Carré, but also the youngest Léonie d & # 39; Aunet. "This Victor Hugo, 45-50 years old, I did not know him absolutely through his political work, this fiction shows how a revolution can change a man." Without what he would see on the barricades, there would be no Les Miserables, "says Yannick Choirat. Isabelle Carré appreciates that the key role of Juliette Drouet is not overshadowed: "She was his copist, co-creator of creation." She returned to work, working on this project, I realized that everyone had their own Victor Hugo.

To accompany this heritage, which benefited from a budget of 5 million euros, the entire public service puts Victor Hugo in the spotlight. France 5 and France Culture this week devoted themselves to documentaries and auditions to find catching-up TV shows and podcasts. France 2 follows the episodes tonight Incredible! Special Victor Hugo. The channel does not end there and prepares fantastic projects for Molière and Voltaire.


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