A week of interrogation, Haddad visits Lula for the first time after the defeat – News


This year PT candidate for the Presidency of the Republic Fernando Haddada will visit former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva at the Federal Police Inspection in Curitiba (7). They met for the first time after the October 28 election, when Jair Bolsonaro (PSL) defeated Petista in the second round.

Haddad stayed for more than three hours with the former president, but left the building straight for a taxi that was going to the airport, not giving a press interview that was waiting for him at the gate.

The petitioner arrived at PF inspectors around 8:45 and was received at 9.00, at a time when lawyers could come in, leaving the building around 12:10.

During the party congresses and the first round of elections, Haddad visited the weekly Lula – both when he was the vice-president on the party's table and after accepting the PT candidacy.

Unlike Wednesday, Haddad always interviewed after visiting PF, where Lula was imprisoned from April 7 for corruption and money laundering. However, in the second round, after changing the PT campaign strategy, Haddad went to Curitiba to meet with the former president.

Lula is sued in a criminal action on the Atibaia (SP) site for passive corruption and money laundering. Lula's defense claims that he never received or asked for any advantage, advantage or unjustified advantage of any company. The former president will be interviewed on the 14th.

Who will question Lula is federal judge Gabriela Hardt, who replaces Sérgio Moro in handling cases relating to Lava Jato.

Future of Haddad

On Monday, the 5th, the former mayor spent several hours in meetings with President PT Gleisi Hoffmann at the party headquarters in Sao Paulo. The topic of the conversation was Haddad's future.

Last week, the national governing body of PT decided that the former mayor of São Paulo should have a "bigger role" in opposition to the Bolsonaro government. Haddad and PT discuss how the candidate will fulfill his role. The possibility that Haddad will take over the PT presidency in July next year, when the term of office of Gleisi expires, is distant.

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In addition, PT is trying to set a travel schedule for Brazil for the former mayor this year. The manner in which Haddad will play a significant role in the opposition to Bolsonaro should be the main topic of the conversation between the candidate and Lula.

Last week, a former president told lawyers who visited him that although he lost the election, Haddad left a larger dispute than he had entered. Lula also said that only after Carnaval you will be able to see the true face of the Bolsonaro administration and develop a long-term strategy of the opposition. (* With information from Estadão Content)


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