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Arrested with rifles accused of killing Marielle has an anxiety crisis in Bang 1

Arrested by homicide agents (DH), who found 114 incomplete assault rifles in the apartment in which he lived, in Meier, in the north zone, Alexandre Motta de Souza fell ill on Saturday night in the public prison Laércio da Costa Pelegrino, Bangu 1, in the complex Gericino. According to the Prison Assistance Department (Seap), Aleksander was in an anxiety crisis and had to take care of him urgently. After giving the sedative, Alexander returned to his cell.

Alexandre Motta was a friend for 20 years of retired sergeant prime minister Ronnie Lessi, who owned weapons and appointed the author of the death of Marielle Franco. Lessa and a former military police officer Élcio Queiroz, charged with keeping the silver cobalt used to attack the councilor, are also imprisoned in Bangu 1, where they will remain until they define which federal prison outside the state of Rio will be taken, ie the position of the National Penitentiary Department ( Depen).

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Lessa and Queiroz also went through medical care in prison on Saturday night. The measure is part of the prisoner's entry into the system to regulate drugs for continuous use.

Ronnie Lessa leaves DH on crutches
Ronnie Lessa leaves DH on crutches Photo: Alexandre Cassiano / Agência O Globo

During the transfer of DH to prison on Friday afternoon, one fact drew the attention of those on stage. The retired sergeant Ronnie Lessa left the DH headquarters for crutches without a prosthesis he had used since he lost his left leg in a bomb attack on October 2, 2009. The civilian police explained that he was to meet Ronnie's request alone.


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