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Bolsonaro raises the price of gas 1 day after the dollar hits the sky

President Jair Bolsonaro (PSL) has no mercy or pity for people, just see the price of gasoline, which has risen since today (19) plus $ 0.05 per liter.

According to Petrobras, the increase on Tuesday corresponds to 2.73% after 53 days without correction.

The devil is that not only gasoline has grown. Diesel fuel prices also increased by $ 0.026 per liter, an average increase of 1.2%, two weeks after the last adjustment, when there was a decrease of 3%.

Of course, the price of cooking gas will also increase for the consumer. On some squares, a 13 kg cylinder costs over USD 100.

The diabolical increase in gasoline prices occurs just one day after the dollar has reached a record high of USD 4.20 since the Real Plan was created.

Note the dear reader that Brazil is self-sufficient in extracting oil from exploration of pre-oil deposits, initiated by the governments of Lula and Dilma.

The Bolsonaro government, at the behest of Minister Paulo Guedes, has been maintaining dollarization in its fuel adjustment policy since the time of Michel Temer (God bless him!). This means that we Brazilians receive our salaries in real life, but we still pay in dollars for petroleum products, i.e. when we fill the car or buy gas to cook our daily beans.

For example: wages, if they exist, are reduced and frozen; On the contrary, gasoline, gas and diesel were again adapted to the rise of the US currency and international oil prices.

So the rise of gasoline and oil products is another Bolsonaro crime from today et caterva against the popular economy.

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