Cruzeiro’s performances: Sobis is a star with two goals, painting help and leadership | cruise


Rafael Sobis
Cruzeiro’s face has changed since he arrived. She moves a lot, changing positions all the time. He takes responsibility for the game and… continues to score. Moreover, two against Brazil, one of them is a defensive field painting, showing the vision of the game. Crucially, he was the highlight of the team. Note: 9.

This has given the left side of Brasil de Pelotas’ defense a lot of work. With high speed and focus on the match, it made it difficult for the sector. He got tired in the second stage and was replaced by Welinton. Together with Artur Caíke (7.5), ended a good offensive game for the team. Note: 7.

Cruzeiro x Brasil de Pelotas – Photo: Agência i7 / Mineirão

He started well again. He acted almost like the team’s 10th jersey and did well. It opened up spaces in the marking and created opportunities for help. You cannot leave the team. Note: 7

Notes for Cruzeiro players:
Fábio: 6
Raúl Cáceres: 6
Manoel: 6
Ramon: 6.5
Matheus Pereira: 6.5
Adriano: 6.5
(Cacá: no rating)
Jadsom Silva: 6.5
(Régis: no rating)
Filipe Machado: 7
(Jadson: 6)
Arthur Caíke: 7.5
Airton: 7.5
(Welinton: 6)
Rafael Sóbis: 9
(Marcelo Moreno: 6)


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