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Flamengo 6 x 1 Goiás

ABOUT Flemish showed strength in the debut of Jorge Jesus in official matches in front of the fans and he dropped by 6 to 1 Goiás, this Sunday, in Maracanã, in Brazil Championship. Thanks to the rubro-negro result they rank third with 23 points, but they have reduced the difference for the Palmeiras leader. Goianie remain at the age of 15 and lost the chance to approach the leaders of the series A.

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Cariocas were better in 90 minutes and opened the scoring at the start with Arrascaeta. However, after Rodrigo Caio's failure, Goias reached a relationship with Kayke. Flamengo experienced a difficult period, but at the end of the first stage they declared victory, scoring two goals from Arrascaet and one from Bruno Henrique. In the second half Gabriel scored two goals to give the final numbers to the game.

In the next round flamenguistas will have to face Corinthiansin São Paulo on Sunday. On the same day, Goiás goes to Florianópolis to face up Avaí.

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Thanks to the support of Flamengo fans, he started everything and almost opened the result in two minutes. After Rafinha's beautiful movement, Gabriel found a beautiful shot from outside the area, but he stopped in great defense of Tade. It's just that the red-and-blacks continued to press and reached the goal within five minutes. After a good exchange of passes from the attack, the ball reached Arrascaet, which hit the net.

This failure did not intimidate Goiasa, even if Flamengo was excited, the guests leveled out in the 11th minute. Rodrigo Caio failed, and Kayke took the opportunity to enter the field and send to the goal, no chance for Diego Alves.

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The confrontation gained speed after the draw. Flamengo was looking for a goal from Bruno Henrique, but in 15th minute Goiás lost a great chance. After Tadeusz's goalkeeper was fired, Michael used the best result and hit the crossbar. Then came the risk of Barci and send to the bar.

The host continued the offensive and began to scare the guests after 21 minutes. After a hard work inside Bruno Henrique managed to score only perfectly, but Tadeusz managed to save the ball from the net.

Due to the heat in Rio de Janeiro, arbitrage decided to make a technical stop so that players could drink water. Then Flamengo remained under pressure, but he suffered from the good signage of Goiás.

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It was only in the last minutes that the red and blacks achieved the goal. In 43 minute a shot for Trauco. The attacker on the ground played online and was lucky to put home owners on the scoreboard.

When it seemed that the game would run in this way, Flamengo scored two more goals, 45 and 49 minutes, both of Arrascaet. Gabriel crossed and saw that the gap was failing at the time of the cut. The ball reached Uruguay, who sent it to the goal. Then the midfielder received the pass and tried to pass, but saw that the ball hit the net and left home owners in the match.

Second time

In the second half, Goias tried to sketch out the reaction in the first few minutes. Flamengo held on to the pressure of the guests and prolonged the score for the first time when they were in danger in ten minutes. After a long exchange of applications, Arrascaet fell into Gabriel's head and sent him to the network.

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The shock was felt by the Goians who came to see Flamengo again dominate the game. Rubro-negros continued their offensive calling and wasted good chances with Bruno Henrique and Gabriel. With pressure, the owners came to the sixth goal after 35 minutes. Arrascaeta was thrown into the area and called Gabriel of Tadeu. The attacker was supposed to push into the network.

In the last minutes fans continued to support Flamengo, who remained in the attack. Diego almost reached the seventh bicycle, but stopped at Thaddeus. Gabriel and Vitinho still saw goalkeeper Goiás who prevented serious irritation. Nevertheless, the red and black were able to celebrate until the last whistle.



Location: Maracanã, in Rio de Janeiro (RJ)

Date: July 14, 2019 (Sunday)

Timetable: 11 am (Brasília time)

Judge: Caio Max Augusto Vieira (RN)

assistants: Guilherme Dias Camilo (Fifa-MG) and Eduardo Goncalves da Cruz (MS)

Income: 2,218,843,50 R $

Recipients: 60,847 payers

Yellow cards: William Arão (Flamengo); Geovane and Leandro Barcia (Goiás)


FLAMENGO: Arrascaeta, 5 and 45 and 49 minutes from the first half; Bruno Henrique, 43 minutes to the first half; Gabriel, 10 and 35 minutes from the second half

Goias: Kayke, 11 minutes to the first half

FLAMENGO: Diego Alves, Rafinha (Rodinei), Rodrigo Caio, Léo Duarte and Trauco; Willian Aaron (Cuéllar), Diego, Everton Ribeiro and Arrascaeta; Bruno Henrique (Vitinho) and Gabriel

Technician: Jorge Jesus

Goias: Tadeusz; Daniel Guedes, Yago, Rafael Vaz and Jefferson; Geovane (Léo Sena), Yago Felipe and Giovanni Augusto (Marlone); Michael, Kayke and Leandro Barcia

Technician: Claudinei Oliveira

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