Tuesday , November 24 2020

“ I am fighting for my dignity, ” says Rose Miriam a year after Gugu-ISTOÉ died

  1. “I am fighting for my dignity,” says Rose Miriam a year after Gugu’s deathTHIS IS
  2. Rose Miriam says about her relationship with her children one year after Gugu’s death: “We are rebuilding us”Marie Claire Brasil
  3. A year without Gugu Liberato: in Rose’s tears, Miriam di Matteo recalls the death of the presenterNews
  4. A year after Gugu Rose’s death, Miriam confessed, “Suffering a lot”SBT – Brazilian television system
  5. A year after Gugu Liberato’s death, César Filho remembers the moment with the presenter and makes an appealFacing Brazil
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