"I never wanted xavecar," says Nadja after being expelled from the farm


At dawn this Wednesday (7), after the victory of Rafael Island in Proof of the Farmer and viewers, see the pedestrian reactions at home. Nadja Pessoa gave an interview to Marcos Mion on the PlayPlus platform.

The woman said she made a mistake by kicking Caique Aguiar and described her behavior as a child. "I thought when I saw that I was crying, Caique went there and put his foot in my bed. I was naive, I was a child, I went to I could leave his leg in bed, what's going on?" I made a fury, I tried to take his foot off him, I destabilized me very much, "he said.

Mione even remarked that Caique had come to raise heavy forces to force a reaction that could hurt her, but Nadja did not comment on it, focusing on Sertanao's not having the second intention.

"I kissed everyone, happy, I did not remember that I kissed Sertanao and João, whoever knows me knows that I am so, at every party where I go, drink and say that I love my friends, I saw myself ten years ago, at that time My boyfriend even forbade me to hug any male friend during the holidays, because I always drank and felt declaring myself, but never in evil "- he explained.

Nadja decided not to comment on Sertanao and decided to focus on Fernanda Lacerda's criticism.

"It was not my intention, I never wanted xavecar." The accusation did not make sense, it did not justify the person who would use it. I did not do it with him, I even did João. It was bad what they said, Fernanda turned out to be a person She does not represent me as a woman, she was a very cruel person. "

Although Evandro Santo and Rafael Island are always close to her in a reality show and feel quite expelled, Nadja said she is not cheering on anyone.

"I do not know who my friend is there, there was nobody to tell me what happened at the party." Now that I'm gone, I will be watching and maybe I will see something that will change, but not yet. I do not want anyone to win – he finished.

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