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Instagram abandons Direct, its messaging application

The notification displayed to Direct users says that software dedicated only to Instagram messages is counted down. The notification says that the application will stop working in June this year, and all calls will be transferred to the central social application. The report will not delete anything, but you will no longer be able to use the chat tool.

The information has not yet been officially confirmed by the company, but it already appears on the screen of users of the beta version of the Android application. There is no specific end date for Direct, and in the countries where the solution is available, you can still download and use it normally. What is not known now is even when this situation should remain.

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Originally launched in December 2017, Direct is an attempt to replicate via Facebook and Instagram the success of the Messenger platform. While the private messaging system in a social network is an interesting alternative to more discreet commenting on photos, especially Stories articles, the application itself has never taken off. Features have been added from time to time, but for example never left the Beta version.

What's more, in Brazil it is not even available, this situation is repeated in countless countries around the world, where Instagram has wide penetration. The software works only in Chile, Italy, Israel, Portugal, Uruguay and Turkey, the territories selected for testing, which, incidentally, did not work. Even in these countries, the general idea is that Direct has a small traction because most people just prefer the messenger embedded in a social network and concentrate all their affairs in one place.

All this, however, speculates about the real reason that leads us to the end of Direct, because the company did not pronounce directly on this topic.

Source: Matt Navarra (Twitter)

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