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Kamilla Salgado and Elieser Ambrósio break the rule of reality

Kamilla Salgado (photo: Reproduction / recording of television)

Kamilla Salgado and Elieser Ambrósio returned to Power Couple Brasil 4 on Tuesday (11) and already cause. They both break the reality show rule. One of them, for example, prohibits the repassage from telling what is happening outside the game for those who are still participating in the competition.

In the fight with Mariana Felício, Elieser gave everyone at home that the former BBB would have two faces. According to him, in the room of Marian's testimony, he detonated the criticism and he had a friend in front of her.

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"When you say," I've never said bad things about you, you have to think about what you're talking about, "he said. "I'm cool, Elieser. I do not agree with you, gossip is one thing, another thing is to talk about it – Mari said.

"Will I have to treat everyone at home now?" "You treat me very well here and you come to testify and say something else …" Elieser replied. "So what? He is not lying. Do we have affinity? Tell me what I said, "Mari said.

That afternoon, Kamilla told Nicole Bahls that when they (a group of friends) were isolated, the audience did not like it. Fathers Zatto, Marcelo Braga, Nicole Bahls, Marcelo Bimbi, Elieser Ambrósio and Kamilla Salgado, as well as Jackie Sampaio and Maikel Castro decided to play together. The production of the program has not yet announced any measure to break the rules.

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