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Raul Jungmann, the Minister of Public Security, said on Thursday that the Federal Police will investigate the existence of a criminal organization involving public officials, militias and violations that hinder enlightenment in the murder dand Marielle Franco and Anderson Gomes, who were held on 14 March in Rio de Janeiro.

"These statements are extremely serious, as they refer to the double murders of Marielle Franco and Anderson, recent declarations, the first one months and a half months, the second 15 or 20 days ago," said the minister. "The PGR (Attorney General's Office), taking this approach into account, monitors the seriousness of the allegations of corruption and hiding by referring to state agents, militias and criminal organizations to prevent the arrival of genuine ingredients and leaders."

The RJ police refused to support the PF in the Marielle case, says Jungmann

On Thursday, federal police are faced with Marielle and Anderson deaths. "The investigation was to confirm the testimony of witnesses and to initiate an investigation to investigate existing allegations," he said. Eight months after the murder, the investigations were not clear, "the solution," according to the minister.

"When you are listening to a popular MP, a woman who protects minorities, leading to reports of the knowledge and problems of democracy, people's representation and human rights," he said. The investigation is carried out in the state of the axes, with the action of the Ministry of Public Administration and the Civil Police and the federal states.

"The federal police will investigate who is on the public machine, state agents, and is linked to organized crime or political interests who are doing everything to prevent the crime being cleared," Jungmann said. "There will be cooperation between the two parties."

Act No. 12,850 of the Criminal Investigative Act of 2013 and Law 10,446 of the Interethnic and International Criminal Offenses Act of 2012, Raquel Dogde, lawyer decided that PF should initiate investigations into the conduct of a criminal organization "which includes state agents, militias, criminal organizations and irregularities that prevent the real perpetrators and executives of the double murder of Marielle and the leading Anderson Gomes."

According to the minister, police investigations should determine the practice of a criminal organization, enforcing coercion, procedural fraud, personal gains, the exploitation of prestige, ideological omissions, other falsehoods and fraud, and the possible offenses of corruption and other criminal offenses.


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