Netflix reaches an agreement with the Satanist group after filing a complaint against plagiarism


Satan's temple needed a total of $ 150 million; the agreed value was not disclosed due to the confidentiality clause



November 21, 2018, 9:23 pm

New York – A Netflix reached an agreement with the group of the Satanic Temple after the company was condemned for plagiarizing the statue appearing in the series "Creeping Adventures of Sabrina", released in October this year.

According to the American press, Netflix Warner Bros., which produced the series together, came to an agreement with a satanic group to prevent allegations of copyright infringement, trademark infringement and corporate damage before a court.

For each of these crimes, Satan's Temple needed $ 50 million, which was $ 150 million. However, the amounts paid by Netflix and Warner Bros were not disclosed by the companies.

According to the magazine "Business Insider", the group managed to recognize "recognizable elements of the Baphomet statue" in films from episodes that have already been filmed.

Satan's temple did not provide details of the contract with companies, claiming that it is subject to a confidentiality clause.

The Satanist group condemned Netflix in early November in a New York courtroom, claiming that the series had copied the statue of Baphomet, a demon depicted as a goat male with an anthropomorphic form.

In addition, Satanists claim that the statue represents the ideals of compassion, empathy and the fight for justice. In the Netflix series, Baphomet is presented as the "central point of the school associated with evil, with cannibalism and murder," according to the Satanic Temple.


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