Saturday , June 19 2021

Neymar comments on the photo of Giovanna Lancellotti in London: "Tamo razem, malokeira"

Giovanna Lancellotti enjoys her holiday after the end of the "Segundo Sol" soap opera in London. This Wednesday, the actress posed in the London capital near the red telephone booth, one of the symbols of the city. "Well," said Lancelloti in the signature. In the comments, Neymar sycamore rumors that he would be the division of his separation and Bruna Marquezine, confirmed by the actress last month. "You in London, me too … The fairy tale storytellers, inventor of the story and matters, Tamo together, malokeira", joked the ace who trains with the Brazilian team in the training center Arsenal.

"Congratulations, hmm," says Lancellotti.

Then translator Rochelle in the plot of John Emanuel Carneiro also joked: "Oh, you did not even tell me that you bought Europe, malokeiro, congratulations, huh!" Recently, the actress talked about speculations about the romance between them. "I am very sad when people start to dissipate the energy of my work, which I must show, with completely groundless things, happy, I want to explain it," said the young woman, the former girl Gian Lucca Ewbank, brother of Giovanna Ewbank.

Called spoofed on the Internet, Neymar refutes: "Only for my son"

In the last post, Neymar read from the Internet user who was "spoiled". He commented jokingly in the comments: "At the moment only spoiled by my son, my mother and sometimes my sister (joke, black, I love you.) God bless your life and I hope that he took this hatred from his heart. ", striker Paris Saint-Germain said.

Player denies affair with a businesswoman: "Fan"

Subsequent speculations about the love life of the player concerned a businesswoman identified as Bruno Melissa: in a picture made available in social networks, he appeared pressed to the player, generating comments on a possible affair. However, the athlete's representative denied such speculation: "There is no new romance, she is a fan and asked to take a photo".

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