Petrobras lowers the gasoline price by 3.34% in refineries


RIO – Petrobras recorded a drop in the price of gasoline sold in refineries by 3.34%. From this Thursday, a liter of fuel will cost R 1.5556, compared to R 1.6094 to today.

In terms of diesel, Petrobras said in October that the average price of diesel used in refineries and terminals will fall by 10.1% compared to the average selling price in force at the time. As a result, the price of diesel oil increased from R 2,3606 to R2,2,2228 per liter. The validity period of this new value is valid until November 28.

The price was set in accordance with the methodology established by the National Agency for Oil, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP), in a resolution of August this year. Petrobras said he would continue the economic analysis of the subsidy program for the next periods.

The diesel subsidy program was created by the government after the strike of truck drivers in late May. One of the main claims in this category was a reduction in the price of diesel oil.

Petrobras has adopted a new format of the price adjustment policy since July 3 last year. According to this method, corrections appear more frequently, including daily.

In February this year, the company began to disclose the price of a liter of gasoline and diesel sold by the company in refineries, and not more percent of the correction.

From the beginning of the method, the price of gasoline placed on the market in refineries increased by 18.54%, and diesel fuel by 26.61%.


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